Today was our 13th week for our CSA.  We have an 18 week subscription so I’m relieved we will be getting organically grown fresh goodies for another 5 weeks.  The dogs were very excited about joining me for the pick-up.  However, only Lobo got to be the chosen one today.

When we got to the health food store which is the point of delivery for my CSA, it happened to be they were celebrating their grand opening of moving into their new building.  They actually moved months ago but I guess they felt like celebrating for the next few days.  There were tons of samples of products I’ve never tried and they even had plates – yeehaw!  Meanwhile as I gorged myself pre-lunch, a downpour struck with all of my vehicle windows open.  At least Lobo didn’t seem to mind.

My CSA goodies arrive in these nifty GIANT bags.  I used Lobo as a model to give you some perspective.

In my haul were three things that really excited me = fresh sweet corn,  ruby carrots and shitake mushrooms.

I just wish there were more than 3 of those beautiful carrots!  Also included in my loot were some sketchy looking tomatoes and an unidentified vegetable.  Do you know what it is?

I thought at first it might be a parsnip although it is a little yellow to be one.  But it kind of smells like a carrot.  Maybe it is one of those heirloom veggies that should remain in the memories of past generations.  Think I’ll put it in a pot of soup.  My agenda for tonight is to create something inspirational out of my fresh stuff.  Stay tuned for ensuing recipe.


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4 responses to “CSA Day

  1. The sweet corn looks great. I’ll bet that your soup will be delicious.

  2. Susan Blakey

    I’m going to try the soup recipe.
    Had a delicious chicken corn soup at the Grand Hotel last night. Perhaps you should send them your soup recipe.

  3. kennethblakey

    Hi Maleah,
    I like your blog. I am a fan of your food.
    The sandwiches that you made for our trip
    were delicious. We are having a great time.
    This was the perfect weekend to come to the
    Grand Hotel. It is the jazz weekend. We have gone to the question and answer sessions with
    musical groups. I got two ideas. I person needs
    passion and needs to be a good musician in
    order to succeed in the field.

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