Fresh Raspberries

My parents dropped off their dog for the weekend as they are finally going to celebrate their 40th anniversary a couple of years late.  My wonderful brothers and I got them a gift certificate for   They were happy to receive it but then never used it.  Well, they seemed excited this morning for their weekend trip and I am excited for them.  This is the only place in Michigan that is mentioned in the book “1000 places to see before you die”  The dinner that is served at the Grand is simply amazing.  I had never dined in such opulence.   Every time I took a sip of water, there was literally someone waiting to refill my glass – simply over the top service.

My mother picked me two big containers of raspberries last night!  I am giddy about what I can make out of them.  I am thinking some sort of dessert.  I made a blueberry buckle coffee cake from the King Arthur flour website earlier this summer that turned out fabulous.  I may try a few variations to it and substituting raspberries.  We are still inundated with veggies so I may try making a grilled vegetable pizza tonight.  It is Friday and it always seems to scream out for pizza.   Mimi – pizza, pizza! (I can hear the voices calling) or perhaps my husbands thoughts are becoming audible.

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