Birthday fun!

I met up with my mother in Ludington for a birthday lunch and perusing through the downtown shops.  I ended up having a tasty falafel wrap at The Plaza Cafe.  They are a cute little cafe that uses local and organic ingredients in many of their dishes.  The chef ended up describing it as the best falafel wrap in the county which would be accurate since this is the only place that serves them.  It was really tasty and I topped it off with a side of their handcut fries because it was my birthday and the smell coming from the cafe alone is enough to make fries a necessity.

In addition to a fun lunch, my mother had a box of things to jazz up my life.  She remembered  🙂 I have a thing for cupcakes and she gave me my favorite cupcakes, angel food, for her little angel = HA!  Additionally I got a cute cupcake apron (handy since I’m always spilling on myself) and a cupcake stand!  On the healthier end of things I received some beautiful pasta that has rainbow stripes made with vegetable juices and some dried shiitake mushrooms.

Boucci also got me a box filled with Zingerman’s goodies (The world’s best deli) and King Arthur flour goodies.  This included  14″ deep dish pizza pans and an odometer thingy for my bike (not from King Arthur) so I can record my daily mileage.  I haven’t decided which bike to mount it on yet.  Some day I hope to be as cool as he and his buddies and be able to say how many miles I’ve racked up for the week.

For dinner, we ended up having eggplant Parmesan and I will soon share my recipe, a variation on the tempeh salad which included avocado and for dessert a slice of pecan pie from Zingermans!  I reminded Boucci as we were eating pie that fat is necessary to absorb vitamins :).  We should be all set on that front.


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2 responses to “Birthday fun!

  1. Cousin Beth

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great one!

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