My kind of Fettuccini Alfredo

Well of course one of my all time comfort foods includes veggies.  When we were at the farmer’s market this weekend they had all sorts of gorgeous looking cauliflower.  All of the white ones were gone but they had yellow/golden ones and purple.  To put a lid on my swooning, Boucci bought me one.  I’ve never had a yellow one so I’m giving it a whirl in one of my favorite dishes.  Fettuccine with cauliflower cream sauce.

This is what my recipe entails:

1 lb of fettuccini

couple glugs of olive oil

4-6 cloves of garlic

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (use more or less depending on your spice preference and type of flake)  Marash are my favorite and yes they are worth every penny!!!

1 can of tomato puree or take diced tomatoes and puree in food processor

1 cup cream or 1/2 cup cream w/ 1/2 cup milk.  This cream we buy locally is phenomenal

If you can find good cream – use it!

1/4- 1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg

1 tsp salt

fresh ground pepper

grated Parmesan cheese

1.  Chop up cauliflower into bite size pieces & mince garlic.  Heat oil in large skillet that you can cover.  Over med. heat saute garlic and red pepper but do not let it brown or it will tasty skunky.  Toss in cauliflower and coat w/ garlic & pepper.  Add 1/3 cup of water and cover the pan.  Cook and toss for 10-14 minutes depending on the size of your chop.  You want the cauliflower to be tender but not MUSHY.

2.  As you are tenderizing your cauliflower, boil pasta in a large pot w/ salt until al dente

3.  Mix tomato puree, cream, nutmeg, salt and pepper.  Pour over cauliflower and mix well.  Simmer for a minute and then remove from heat.

4.  Drain pasta, dish up servings with a scoop of cauliflower sauce on top and add as much Parmesan as your heart desires.

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