My Typical Breakfast

I’m not sure why but I have always preferred “real” food like something most people eat for dinner for breakfast.  I like the idea of cereal – quick and easy but it just doesn’t appeal to me in the morning.   When I do eat it I typically end up with a voracious appetite 1-2 hours later which is inconvenient and can makes me cranky because I generally don’t feel like eating more cruddy carbs (ie a convenient bar I can stash for cranky issues); I want something fresh and delicious.  That said, I have discovered Larabars and have a little addiction for their key lime pie bar but even those amazing bars don’t sound as good in the morning as say a bowl of black bean soup.  In our efforts for good health, I know we each have unique individual needs so here  is an example of a typical breakfast for me which I partook of this morning.  It left me feeling satiated but not leaden.

I used the ingredients shown in my picture: onion, left over rice, 1 stalk of broccoli, big handful of spinach and two organic eggs.  I added a dash of hot sauce, tamari a little ginger and garlic.  This may sound time consuming but you can have it ready to go in less than 10 minutes if you have leftover rice around.  I always make extra rice and beans so I can whip up something in the amount of time it takes most people to make coffee.    Voila!  There you have it – a way to keep a smile on your face all morning!

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