The good things

Whee!  It is Friday and I have a hot date tonight.  We are going out to the Glenwood to celebrate my birthday!  This is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole wide world. I went and got my hairs cut for the occasion plus it has been 4-ish months or so.  Along with having awful handwriting, I’m not very good with my hair.  Pony tail holders are a blessed item.  My handwriting isn’t unreadable or anything since I print but somehow it never goes on the page straight – just weird spacial issues.  It never improved much with practice.  Just one of those genes like that passed me by.  I think most things that people put practice and effort into will result in positive outcomes but I’m never going to be able to draw a picture I want to hang on my wall.  Goodness I love computers because I can write in all sorts of fonts and they look tidy.  Anyhow, for me doing my hair is kind of like my printing.  I just never have gotten the hang of styling it.  I went for a shorter hopefully more low-maintenance do but tomorrow after I hop out of the shower, the truth will be known.  I got a new corduroy hat from my mother when we were shopping Monday in Ludington so hopefully any lacking on my styling behalf can be covered by my hat.

Another good thing is that I still have a birthday pie left to eat – SCORE!  I happened to look at the nutrition label which I generally try to avoid reading on Zingerman’s items.  They taste wicked good for a reason and it ain’t due to being heart healthy.  I was floored to see there are only 2 servings per pie and only something like 340 calories per serving….MUCH MUCH healthier than my tongue told me (and no trans fats – practically health food HA!).   I love to eat but there is no way I could take down a whole serving of pie.  We usually split it into 4-6 servings and even then I usually am sweetened out.  When I eat something like dessert, I want it to be full flavored, no skinny cow stuff for me thank you.  But ya know, if I cut the pie into 4 servings, it is almost in line with those 100 calorie snack things…well give or take 60 calories.  Really though, it does satisfy and you won’t find yourself gobbling down more an hour later.  Boucci had a big belly laugh the other day because we had been eating on one of the pecan pies and we had one wedge left.  I munched on it and saved him a perfect thumb-size piece when he came home from work.  Glad he could laugh about his perfectly tiny little wedge.

One more good thing for my day was this lunch.  Last night I made a pretty darn good and satisfying deep dish pizza.  This one had over 4 cups of veggies in it.  I’m going to post the recipe soon.  I think I can do a few things to tweak it and make it even better but doesn’t it look delicious?

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