New Product Review and a Movie!

We have been busy today doing errands, housework and fall clean-up tasks.  I wanted a tasty lunch but didn’t want to put much effort into it so I decided it was time to bust out the Seeds of Change simmer sauce that is in the pantry.  I pressed some tofu and baked it for 10 minutes and then poured the simmer sauce over it for another 10 minutes.  I served it over rice with a side of naan.  For the amount of effort I definitely give it a thumbs up.  Robust, spicy flavor but not too hot.  I’ll definitely get more and try out their other varieties.

RIDE THE DIVIDE”  For a limited time this award winning documentary is showing for free on you tube. After this weekend you can buy it from places like itunes and half of the proceeds go to a good cause.  *Note, this free movie and/ charity proceeds offer is no longer available.*  You may still want to rent it.  It is a good film.

The independent documentary, which won the “Best Adventure Film” at the 2010 Vail Film Festival, focuses on the world’s longest mountain bike race — the Tour Divide. The 2711-mile  route traverses the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to the U.S./Mexico border.

We started watching it while eating lunch.  I’m enjoying seeing the parts of Montana I have hiked like Glacier National Park and parts of the Bob Marshall Wilderness area.    I could only take watching the first 30 minutes right now before I felt like I had to get up and be more productive.  Made me feel like a lump sitting there watching people put in arduous efforts.  After I’m tuckered out from the efforts of today it will be nice to put my feet up and vegetate.

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  1. Susan

    That lunch looks really good. Love the blue and white plate.

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