Awesome New Peanut Butter

I spent at least 30 minutes this morning hunting around for some peanut butter I had recently purchased.  I finished off the bulk stuff we usually consume and with scraping down the sides I only ended up with enough for one apple slice.  This weekend we picked up some excellent organic apples at the market and I just HAD to have my slices with peanut butter – thus the necessity of double checking and triple checking every nook and cranny of the refrigerator and pantry.  I finally found it in the first place I had looked – Oy!  I grabbed this stuff at our health food store right before we left on a trip to Wisconsin for a bike race earlier this month.  It looked good but since I trust the store owners to have good judgment for products, I didn’t spend a lot of time inspecting the ingredients.  Let me just say, Naturally Nutty was worth the 30 minute hunt!  The jar says handcrafted for health and Happiness and they aren’t kidding.  Lots of crunchy tasty nuts abound and to boot, it has flax seed and hemp seed in it.  I’m always excited for ways to include Omega 3’s in my diet in some other way than a pill so when I read it has 670 mg per serving of Omega-3’s I was pleased.  Organic, local product, Omega 3’s and it fits in our budget unlike some fancy nut butters – what more can a gal ask for?  Now since I still have enough peanut butter in my jar, I need to set out some butter and  go on a hunt for the peanut butter cookie recipe I made last winter with maple syrup.  It is going to be a good day!

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