F is for

Well of course F is for Fava beans, Fig vinegar and  Farro.

I found it rather amusing that the new products I got earlier in the week with my trip to the big city all begin with the letter F!  I had no idea this had occurred until I was stocking the pantry when I got home.  I read a lot of food magazines and it is always disappointing when I become eager to try a recipe and then realize I don’t have an ingredient and no easy way of obtaining it in the near future.  There is always mail order for a lot of things but that is beyond the scope of our food budget in most cases.  I want to be the blog you read that has approachable recipes and readily available ingredients but I may throw in a grain, bean or heirloom veggie that I’m keen about once in a while that some of you big city folk can easily find.  I will try to offer substitutions if it is a wild card ingredient.    That said, F also stands for Friday.  Happy Friday!  I hope this finds you in high spirits!


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2 responses to “F is for

  1. Susan

    That is a pretty picture. What will you make with the Farro?

  2. I will make minestrone soup. It isn’t suppose to disintegrate like pasta sometimes does.

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