Ever have one of those weeks where not much seemed to go well and some things were awful?

Although some events were mighty challenging,  a little good stuff did occur this week.  I transformed my cupcake stand into a fruit/vegetable stand.  While it would be nice to snarf down a few cupcakes every afternoon, baking  fresh ones daily and having them hang around isn’t very feasible for my time or waistline if ya know what I mean!  I think the transformation looks pretty but I’m not giving up on using it for my favorite goodies every week or so…

I visited my parents and helped my father with a bit of his mammoth fencing project.  As we toiled with cement, posts, tamping, leveling and digging debris I realized he does them similarly to how I approach cooking.  He starts with good ingredients like awesome looking fencing material which is sort of how I try to pick my produce.  Then I noticed his mixing of cement is similar to how I mix dough –I am not one to measure.  I look at consistency and how it feels before proceeding.  To top it off,  he hopes his fence post placement will turn out with the ingredients he has added and is visually agreeable  just like I hope my food looks and  is agreeable to those who partake.   May be a bit of a stretch 🙂 but a gal has to think about something when she is mixing concrete and slithering over thorny vines on her belly to dig debris out of deep holes.

Another happy thing that happened is I had a beautiful visitor come knocking at my door when I was fixing my parents lunch.  Look who came to see me.  My folks have a flock of hens, 3 turkeys and many ducks.  The hens are pretty neat looking.  They are all sorts of colors and sizes.  Some even have these fancy feathers on their feet.

Well, I’m now wrestling with a mountain of laundry and a yard FULL of leaves.  Kind of puts me in a mood funk to look at it all.  What are some strategies you use to worm yourself out of a mood funk?

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