Pleasing Polenta Pie

My mother gave me three cute little eggplant.  Aren’t these guys happy looking?  (Yes, I have a tendency towards dorkiness 😀 )  I really didn’t want to go to the grocery store yesterday so I came up with a polenta, eggplant and sauce concoction.  It was yummy!

The goods:  Tube of polenta, eggplant (my three minis=1 average size), jar of pasta sauce, 1 cup of cheese

Preheat oven to 350

1.  Roast sliced eggplant (1/2″ slices) for 20 minutes.  Ten minutes per side.  They should be nice and soft but not falling apart.

2.  Meanwhile take out a pyrex dish that can hold at least two quarts and line it with 1/2 inch polenta slices.  This uses half the polenta tube.

3.  Top with sauce and then a layer of eggplant; Repeat.  (I had enough for two eggplant layers).

4.  Top eggplant layers with the other half of polenta tube sliced.  Pour on some more sauce and top with cheese.  I had a Colby-Jack blend in my cheese drawer that I had bought on sale.  I used 1 cup to top off the dish.

Bake for 25 minutes.  It should be hot and bubbling.  Cool a few minutes and serve.


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7 responses to “Pleasing Polenta Pie

  1. Susan

    That’s an easy way to use eggplant. Sounds very tasty.
    Do you think I could use cornmeal and make a mush so I don’t have to go to the store for polenta?

    • It was easy! Yes, making polenta w/ cornmeal and water would work well too. Just spread it out over the bottom and top of the dish like I did with the slices. I used a tube of polenta because it was going to expire soon.

  2. cousin Beth

    This looks yummy! I have only ever made polenta. I have never seen it in a “tube”. Is it kinda like premixed cookies shaped in a tube? I’m thinking I could spread homemade polenta instead of looking for a tube.

    • Your homemade polenta will be a great substitute…likely even better than my tube tastes! We had a tube left over from a camping trip that I needed to use prior to expiration. The “tube” uses all recognizable, quality ingredients but it is sealed super well so you can keep it at room temperature. – handy for camping since you don’t need to any dirty more dishes.

  3. Pam Glaser

    Making this wonderful looking recipe right now! Going to make the “Sausage and Biscuits.” Great recipes.

  4. Pam Glaser

    Was delicious! Added soy crumbles. I love this recipe. Thanks!

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