Dinner in a Flash

After cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the floors, my belly was beginning to rumble and I didn’t have much time to invest in a meal before I started getting grumpy.  There are some days when it makes more sense and it is healthier to sit down to dinner with the assistance of a box and have everyone at the table happy than to sit down to an elaborate meal.   I had never tried this Back to Nature Macaroni.  I think I picked it up for a camping trip out west this summer and it never was consumed.   It has been sitting in the back of my pantry waiting to assist me.   It gets the thumbs up from both Boucci and I.  It was creamier than I anticipated and it had a nice balance to it even with the whole wheat noodles.  Whole wheat noodles often overpower my palate and I don’t really taste anything else but it didn’t happen with this meal.   When I paused for a couple of breaths, I did take note of the pleasantly tasty macaroni.

This is what I did to give our boxed dinner a little more pizzazz and it would probably work well for other brands.

Cook noodles per box directions, in the last 3 minutes of cooking add about a cup of frozen peas and resume boil then add about a cup of chopped broccoli.  Drain, add butter and milk per directions and mix with packet.  A little additional salt and pepper may be necessary.

I paired this with a salad that came from a box too 🙂 .   I tossed the boxed greens with cherry tomatoes, croutons, carrots, sesame seeds and some bottled Italian dressing.  When we sat down to eat,  I felt like I  had quickly put a decent meal on the table with very little effort.

I hope your week is off to a great start!


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3 responses to “Dinner in a Flash

  1. Such an easy and fulfilling meal, looks yum. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your lovely comment. Hope to see again soon…

  2. shortystylee

    This reminds me to try to put the veggies inside the Mac & Cheese instead of on the side. I try to keep a box or two of the Annie’s Mac & Cheese in my pantry and it always manages to be the side, but no reason why it could get spruced up to be the main event 🙂

    By the way, where are you located in N. Michigan? My in-laws family leaves in Leelanau County.


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