Sandwich to Scarf and Scarf Weather

Winter is here!

What started with a dusting, has turned into drifts.   Zinnie pictured above  is thinking that I need to get on my “good” clothes!  When they are on we can play!

She is very intense about playing games and retrieving.

WEEE!  Glorious Snow

Oh me, oh my!   It has been one crazy week with lots of driving and bad roads to boot.  I cannot believe it is already Thursday and I haven’t really had time to spend in the kitchen.  I stayed up way too late last night cleaning.  One thing led to another and by the time I knew it the date had changed.  I love my bed and sleep is very important to me so I usually go to bed fairly early – like by 10:00.

This morning I got out of bed a little late so I really had to hustle.   My pups need a good 3 walks a day so that the household is sane.  I hear stories about people with dogs having things like their couch eaten.  From my experience, lots of exercise for my pups = no damage.  When I saw the clock this morning, I threw on my clothes and hurried out the door without even a swill of coffee.

There is this guy who I refer to as Cranky Pants.  He walks the same trails with his retrievers that I do and he has been rather rude to Boucci by shouting things and making bad gestures.  I have also observed him walking on the road and shaking his fist at cars and for no apparent reason.  Bicycles and an elderly neighbor that walks his collie also appear to irritate him.  I always wave and smile at him when I pass by in a car or on my bicycle although I am usually rewarded with a frowny face.  I did have a couple of occasions this summer where I forced a wave out of him as I was doing yard work, but his general state is an angry looking grimace.  I think one reason he may be cranky is due to the fact that his pants are exceedingly tight.  I too would grimace if I wore pants that tight but regardless of what is causing his issues, I have NO desire to encounter him on the trails alone.  I do not like to be yelled at and I would be mortified if he said or made obscene gestures.  He is very schedule oriented so I time my walks to avoid encounters.  This morning, I was late out the door and there is deep snow.  I am not inclined to run nor do I enjoy running, but run I did.  I was very stoked that I made it through the loop I normally walk and that it was uneventful.  When I arrived back home, I walked in the sunroom (which we keep just above freezing in the winter so that the plants don’t die) and it felt downright balmy.  I was so paranoid about getting through the trails quickly that I hadn’t really noticed that it was 12 degrees out!  I decided to reward my quick and nimble self with a delicious sandwich.  It really hit the spot!

To create a delicious sandwich like the one I scarfed down, you start with eggs and bread.  These eggs come from my parents’ hens.  They have quite a variety of breeds.  Some are pretty fancy and regal looking.  Did you know that chickens lay eggs the same color as their earlobes?  The yolks on these eggs are almost radioactive looking as they are a deep orange and extremely vibrant.  I think it is due to all their free-ranging and kitchen scraps my mother feeds them.

Here are the goods for the filling of your sandwich:  swiss cheese, avocado and tomato.  It is always handy to have a kitchen helper for instances when you drop something.

1.  Scramble your eggs

2.  Slice cheese, avocado and tomato.  I used 1/2 of the latter.

3.  Lightly toast the bread with cheese so that it softens.

4.  Assemble, add salt, ground pepper and enjoy!

I hope your tongue is getting many marvelous tastes this week!


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7 responses to “Sandwich to Scarf and Scarf Weather

  1. jagruti

    Lovely and yummy colourful sandwich…

  2. Your dog sitting next to the kitchen counter looks very much like mine 🙂 Mine waits at the kitchen door with a great expectation as well 🙂

  3. Cousin Beth

    You inspired my breakfast this am. As I usually read my emails before I make breakfast, your yummy looking sandwich was reproduced in my house.

  4. Cousin Beth

    Well, I didn’t have your mother’s eggs.

  5. These look like beautiful eggs. I want to get hens but I know the coyotes roaming through my back yard will terrorize them too much… 😦

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