Hot and Spicy Tofu Dish

Wow!  The holidays were crazy busy.  I am a vegetarian and have been for about 24 years…not something I have calculated in a long time…  In my teenage years I was a bit evangelical about it (probably hard for some to tolerate).    Somehow, I wound up cooking part of an EXTREMELY large bird on Christmas eve which was a bit bizarre as I have no knowledge on how to deal with meat or EXCEEDINGLY large chunks.   I will spare you the bloody insanity.  My folks had to do something about their gargantuan turkeys since they were getting too heavy for their legs.  The smallest one weighed in at 46 lbs after it had been butchered.  The Vietnamese woman they know from the farmer’s market ended up offering to do the deed.   As if we didn’t have enough going on for the holidays, these heavy turkeys were added to the list.  Those big guys and Boucci’s foot going through the ceiling of my parent’s bedroom will make for a mighty memorable Christmas Eve.  Otherwise, everything was magnificent.  Hope you were able to enjoy the holiday season!

This tofu dish is one of my all time favorites.  It is spicy and light but filling.  A nice dish to spice/lighten things up from holiday indulgence.

If you have an adventurous palate, this is the dish for you!

2/3 cup soy sauce/tamari

2 cloves of garlic minced

1 big jalapeno

squeeze one lemon or 1/4 cup juice

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 cups mung bean sprouts

1 cucumber cut in half, seeded and sliced about 1/2 inch

oil for browning tofu

brown rice

toasted peanuts

1.  Mix sauce ingredients

2.  Blanch mung sprouts by placing them in a strainer and pouring boiling water over them – then pour cold water over them.

3.  Saute pressed tofu in 1/2 inch slices until browned (about 10 minutes while tossing/flipping).  I add a little soy sauce at the end.

4.  Serve up with rice, fried tofu, cucumbers, mungs and drizzle w/ sauce.  Then garnish with peanuts.



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2 responses to “Hot and Spicy Tofu Dish

  1. Have tried many times but can not get used to the taste of tofu! If I take the tofu out of it, it would be a great side dish/salad for a carnivore like me:)
    Happy 2011!!!

  2. cousin Beth

    Oh this looks good!

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