Simple Breakfast

On my morning mile walk with the dogs, the snow was squeaky due to the cold twelve degree temperature.  I stopped in my tracks at one point because it sounded like someone was chopping wood close to my trail.  It turned out to be a woodpecker.  As I stood there listening, I could hear at least three woodpeckers in various directions.  The sharp cracking sound led to thoughts of eggs being included for my breakfast.  We currently are loaded up on eggs thanks to my parents and I had some leftover pasta from a night or two ago lingering in the refrigerator.  From those ingredients and inspiration, my breakfast was born.

Pasta omelets are a great way to fuel up quickly and have energy for hours.  If  you have leftover veggies, you can lightly cook/saute them and throw them in as well.  They are great with any leftover sauce or just on their own.  I did a 50-50 combo, sauce & plain this morning and enjoyed every bite.

The ingredients are simple:  You need eggs and pasta.  I find that about 1 cup of pasta and 2 eggs provides about the proper balance of egg to pasta.

1.  Put your pasta in a bowl and crack the eggs

2.  Mix it together with some salt and pepper if you desire.

3.  Place in a pan with a little butter or oil and cook for about 2-3 minutes per side.

4.  Serve plain or with sauce and enjoy!


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7 responses to “Simple Breakfast

  1. Susan

    That looks delicious. I may have the pasta/egg for lunch with a salad!

  2. cousin Beth

    I sent this in my daughter’s lunch box today.

  3. Simple, maybe, but a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love pasta and never heard of making a pasta omlette before! Now this definitely is going on my “must make” list… if I could just get out of here with all this ice surrounding us to go to the grocery store for ingredients!
    Do you think all egg whites would work?

    • I’m sure egg whites would work. Any extra ingredients you have in the refrigerator can be tossed in as well – cheese, meat crumbles, sauteed veggies etc… Salsa & pasta sauce can make really good toppings too.

  5. Ken

    Looks delicious!

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