Asian Noodles

When I am able to go to a large supermarket such as “Meijers”, one of the items I often buy is these fresh Japanese noodles.  They take only 3 minutes to cook and absorb flavors very well.  The noodles are incredibly versatile.  You can chop, saute and sprinkle nearly any veggie with soy sauce/tamari to go with the noodles.  You can customize the dish to the season or ingredients you like.  The following is a rendition I recently created.

First, I sauteed up a bunch of mushrooms – a carton of shitake (about 10) and 8 oz of mini Portobello mushrooms that happened to be on sale.  Oh la la – check out the steam!

For heft to my dish, I fried up some tofu and sprinkled it with tamari.Next,  I chopped and sauteed the carrots and little cabbage I had gotten at the indoor organic market.  Someone stored these well because they still had a lot of flavor!

Then I chopped & added this beautiful baby bok choy that sang out “spring is coming” to me in the store.  It only needed about 2 minutes in the hot pan.

Meanwhile, boil your noodles and dress with a soy sauce & a teaspoon or two of dark sesame oil.  If you like some heat, add some chili sauce such as Sriracha or red pepper flakes.  You can also keep the oiled noodles warm in the oven covered w/ aluminum foil.

Give everything a toss or two together in a warm pan and serve it up!


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11 responses to “Asian Noodles

  1. cousin Beth

    A good dish for the Lunar New Year’s eve!

  2. cousin Beth

    More on the New Year: The noodles should NOT be cut because they represent long life. One shouldn’t eat fresh tofu for the New Year because it is white, which is the colour of death (but our family always does). But you can eat dryed bean curd because it is a homonyn for fulfillment of wealth and happiness.

  3. What are you serving to ring in the New Year? You piqued my interest w/ your comment and I started reading up on the Lunar New Year. In my searching, I also found out I can get an American Express Card in a peaceful rabbit design. 🙂 Just what I don’t need. I might be tempted to buy a lot of baby bok choy!

  4. cousin Beth

    As the New Year celebrations go on for 15 days we will celebrate next weekend when all family members are available. Being together as a family is really important for the New Year. We will have sweet and sour pork, roast chicken (yes, with the head and feet), fish, lobster, snow pea greens, tofu, prawn chips, little half moon things (I don’t know what we call them-and I don’t like them very much), and oranges/manderines. Not very appealing menu for the vegetarian, but authentic/traditional food which my inlaws still cook. Prawn chips are fun for the kids to watch/help make. Of course there will be way too much food.

    • I just love how food traditions bring people together. The Lunar New Year’s celebration sounds like memorable fun and feasting with loved ones. Your wedding dinner was one of the most epic and enjoyable eating experiences of my life!

  5. I loved seeing such a simple and flavorful meal. So many good vegetables! This bowl of noodles look just delicious, my friend. I hope you are warm and happy on this cold winter night. Sweet dreams and many blessings!

  6. Thank you for your kind words Monet!

  7. Sounds healthy and delicious! You’ve added the mushroom and tofu that is healthier choice and I love this combo…

  8. Those noodles look yummy! Thank you for kind words over Chef’s Dennis blog 🙂 Death by Chocolate MUffins would make a great Valentine’s Day treat indeed 🙂 I made them originally as a welcome home treat 🙂

  9. This looks so healthy and delicious!

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