Sunny Days Salad

Is anyone else feeling giddy about the lengthening days?  We are getting sunny days again which makes me happy.  The ice and wind abated enough for a beautiful beach walk last night.  The other night I was inspired by my sunny day and the fact that strawberries were on sale.  Thus the Sunny Day Salad was born.  Eating well is all about making good choices.  I really feel like I am treating myself when I have a salad like this but it is also healthy and satisfying.  Eating well isn’t hard when there is seriously tasty and appealing food available.

*My version of this salad uses organic strawberries.  This is absolutely one fruit I won’t touch unless it is organic.  Strawberries are like little sponges and I like to think of them as being packed with vitamins and minerals instead of nasty chemicals.  Ingredients:

Spinach & Mixed baby greens

Toasted Walnuts (350 degrees for 5 minutes)

Sliced Strawberries

Balsamic Vinagrette

I hope you have an enjoyable, sunny day!

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One response to “Sunny Days Salad

  1. Susan Blakey

    The sunny day salad looks delicious. That may be part of supper tonight!

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