Dinner Pronto

Breaking news!  I’m so excited.  I went for a walk tonight after 6 p.m. without a headlamp.  Ye-haw!  Okay, I’m not usually one for using ye-haw in a conversation but the extended daylight and a good dose of sunshine to boot really pleased me.  Snow is in the forecast tomorrow and it is calling for single digits…but still March 1st goes down as being sublime.

When you have one of those days when dinner is running late or you want to stay outside until your stomach rumbles, here is something I like to toss on the table when I need dinner pronto.

Gnocci or in this case it was Gnocchetti, are little balls of potato (sort of like mashed potato dumplings) that cook in just a couple of minutes.  I kid you not, they cook in 2-3 minutes tops.  They float to the top of boiling water when they are cooked.  They come vacuum packed so they keep well in your pantry.  When I shop in a city, I pick up a pack or two as back-up for those nights when I need a meal but time is of the essence.  Pair them with your favorite sauce, a loaf of good crusty bread

and a salad

and you will have happy dinner companions.  In my book, this is also a company worthy dinner.  This gets a multiple fork rating from me because of the easy and quick preparation and the tasty little potato balls are filling and delicious.  I don’t know if it due to my excessive hunger when filling my plate but this is one of the few meals I usually overestimate my portion size and end up having to package up my portion for lunch.  In general, I like voluptuous servings and eat my plate clean sometimes to the point of my tummy pressing on my lungs 🙂  Have I mentioned I love to eat?

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One response to “Dinner Pronto

  1. Susan Blakey

    That looks like a super supper. I think that I shall make dinner pronto tonight!

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