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Sunny Days Salad

Is anyone else feeling giddy about the lengthening days?  We are getting sunny days again which makes me happy.  The ice and wind abated enough for a beautiful beach walk last night.  The other night I was inspired by my sunny day and the fact that strawberries were on sale.  Thus the Sunny Day Salad was born.  Eating well is all about making good choices.  I really feel like I am treating myself when I have a salad like this but it is also healthy and satisfying.  Eating well isn’t hard when there is seriously tasty and appealing food available.

*My version of this salad uses organic strawberries.  This is absolutely one fruit I won’t touch unless it is organic.  Strawberries are like little sponges and I like to think of them as being packed with vitamins and minerals instead of nasty chemicals.  Ingredients:

Spinach & Mixed baby greens

Toasted Walnuts (350 degrees for 5 minutes)

Sliced Strawberries

Balsamic Vinagrette

I hope you have an enjoyable, sunny day!

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Scrumptious Salad

I came across a bottle of dressing in our pantry that I had bought this fall and had set aside for a special night.  It is made locally in Northern Michigan and is fantastic.  It is a product of Sisson’s Main Street.  The people  that created this dressing formerly ran the the Leelanau Country Inn.  The Inn has been given numerous outstanding reviews and has been noted many times in articles.  Sisson’s Main Street makes specialty products such as this dressing.  All of their products are made from scratch and are “all natural”.  It is the best French dressing I’ve ever tasted.  Now that I’ve tried this dressing, I’m going to be on the look out for more of their products.  Their website for ordering was down when I checked earlier today but it does feature descriptions of several other products.

Here is how I made a scrumptious salad which made Boucci say WOW!

Mixed baby greens

crumbled blue cheese

sliced apple

sliced almonds

Leelanau Country Inn Authentic French Dressing

With a regular bottled French dressing, the salad would probably score 6-7 on my scale of 0-10 (10 being awesome).  The salad concoction with this dressing, I give 10 forks!


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Bacon (Or Fakin Tempeh) Lettuce Tomato Salad

This summer I tried out some smoked tempeh from my food co-op.  I’m looking forward to digging into this salad tonight.  This is a concoction I came up with when I just happened to have all of the ingredients laying around.

1.  Fresh crunchy lettuce like romaine

2.  Tomatoes  – I’m working off some more cherry tomatoes from the garden

3.  Saute smoked tempeh in a little oil until the edges are crispy like bacon – crumble over the top of your salad.

4.  Top with chunks of homemade thick bread croutons that you saute in garlic and olive oil.  Or just use some from the store if you aren’t THAT lucky.

Combine everything so it looks pretty 🙂 and hopefully you will be as satisfied as I am when you get a forkful!

Note – I really like this with Annnie’s buttermilk dressing.

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