Furry Friends

Animals have been a great influence on my life, memories and dietary choices.   They motivate me to exercise, relax and enrich my life in countless ways.  Featured below are members of my current clan.


Job:  Trainer of Mimi “we must exercise – now!”

My human: Mimi

Favorite food:  anything found dead or with Italian spices

Favorite Music – my mommy singing music she can incorporate Murphy pup into (which is just about everything)! & “Born to Be Wild”


Job:  Comedian and snuggler

Stage Name:  Chucklebear

Special talent: dancing

Theme song: Life, Love and Laughter – Donavon Frankenreiter

Favorite Food:  Pancakes, bread and cookies

My Human:  Boucci

Zinfandela (aka Zinnie)

My human:  anyone I can manipulate into petting me

Special Talents: deviance – opening doors, climbing on counters, getting the boys into trouble, stealing kisses

Job:  Games, making mayhem & testing my mommy’s patience

Theme Song: Foxy Lady – Jimi Hendrix


Jobs: Bodyguard & professional vacuum

special talents: longevity (15 yrs), the ability to carry huge logs for miles

favorite food: broccoli stalks

favorite music – notes I can still hear on my mommy’s viola

8 responses to “Furry Friends

  1. Susan

    Super pictures!

  2. Susan

    You have outstanding furry friends. What a beautiful crew!

  3. susan

    Neat photography. Zinnie is darling!

  4. susan

    Have you met your match with Zinnie? It’s good to stay alert and on your toes. Have fun!

  5. Dani

    Thanks for posting pics of your fur-babies, they are all so cute- I wish we had more room for a couple more dogs!

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