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Spring Delights! Asparagus and Morels!

This time of year is filled with so much goodness.  I have been busy with my garden and all of the other 101 distractions that come with spring.  I just love this time of year with all of the plants awakening and blooming.  All of this has led me to neglect posting my recipes.  There are many days where I fix a meal and take a picture but then don’t have the energy to summons writing about it.  Amigo here pretty much captures how I often feel

The other day we took a tandem mountain bike ride through Arcadia.  It was loaded with Trillium and other spring flowers.  It is truly an outstanding trail.  I feel like I am riding through someone’s flower garden for miles and miles.  One of the nicest things about the ride was when we were taking a break, I spotted a morel!  Then we started looking around and found a load of them.  We were with some friends and we all filled our jersey pockets as much as possible.  I think our load was well over 20.  We also picked some wild leeks and with our bounty, I ended up preparing a tasty spring dish.

Here is how I went about the preparation.

1.  Sauted up 4 leeks with a sweet yellow onion for about 5 minutes

2.  Added chopped morels and sauted for another 10 minutes

3.  Then I tossed in some local asparagus until it was tender – 4/5 minutes

Meanwhile I boiled some pasta.

4.  I tossed it together w/ some good olive oil, about 1/2 cup of cream, cherry tomatoes for a little color and a little Parmesean for a touch of decadence.  

More happy things to report are that my Aunt has a new puppy!  He is extremely sweet, smart and adorable.  It was pretty amusing as I haven’t seen her in a while and we both ended up wearing matching skirts 🙂Hope you are enjoying spring’s bounty as well!


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